Aunt Martha's Hot Iron Transfer Pencils

 Aunt Martha's Hot Iron Transfer Pencils
Item# TP2

Product Description

Create your own hot-iron transfer pattern for embroidery or fabric painting. Trace an old transfer pattern or your favorite design from a coloring book or printout.

Transfer pencils are blister-packaged two per card. Each card is 3" x 9". Instructions on the card make it easy to create hot-iron transfers.

Draw or trace designs onto tracing paper with the transfer pencil. Trace the design liberally and press firmly so the pencil marks are clear and bold. Tracing as heavily as possible will ensure a good stamping when transferring onto fabric. Then place the traced design pencil side down on your fabric and press firmly with a hot DRY iron for 5-10 seconds per area.

The lead in this pencil is delicate. We recommend using a hand held sharpener to get a fine point for tracing. Additionally you can place your pencil in the freezer for a short time to help stiffen the lead before use.

Since transfers will react differently on various fabric types, we can't guarantee the removal of the stamping. To remove the stamping from 100% cotton use cold water and dish soap, then air dry.

Create a test design first to see how your design will iron onto your fabric before attempting to trace and transfer onto your actual project fabric.

Works best on light-colored fabrics.